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Hello everyone!
Art Contest This weeks contest is an Art competition and the theme is New Years. The contest works like this, ONLY 1 piece of Art may be submitted per player via mailing Drood ingame. The contest is self explanatory meaning that you have to create a piece of art using the art system we have on the server (more info by typing /art). You have one week to create the Art. The winners will be decided on the website via the community and will be announced on Saturday (January 6th) night at 9PM GMT (4PM EST). Meaning people have 24 hours to cast their vote. Voting is done via a poll in game.   Rules:
Cannot be innapropriate You can use as many art canvases as you want.  
Message Format /Mail send Drood <ArtName> <Brief Description> <Screenshot (optional)>
Winners:   1st Place - MVP Rank + 15 Candy Cane Keys + 1 Week of Fly 2nd Place - VIP Rank + 15 Candy Cane Keys + 1 Week of Fly 3rd Place - Supporter Rank + 15 Candy Cane Keys + 1 Week of Fly

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