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  3. Changes to Staff Team

  4. Official Abandoned Building List

    Building Description: A small farm area containing a barn and a house. I don't think this area is abandoned either due to it having a lot of amber gear. I fear someone may steal it Player Owner I am uncertain on who made this area but inside the home on the first floor is an armour stand with a players head the owner of the head may be the person who made it? Either way you can check with coreprotect Picture Picture in attachments Co-ords -6337/63/22552
  5. Hi all, In lieu of the new website being worked on, and hopefully released soon, I'm posting updates to staff roles here. These will be on the official changelog on the new website when it comes. Staffing Changes: Hxtred: Moderator > Member Sotiras_: Helper > Moderator zPxVerario: Helper > Member Luxiahh: Trainee > Member Jimblesmgee: Trainee > Helper OpalVoid: Member > Trainee MrsTea: Member > Trainee wraitheyes: Member > Trainee Please be aware that Admins have been granted addition powers and abilities, for a full list of our commands, read through the Staff Commands list: Also, due to changes on the website, the staff list is no longer available or updated, which will be sorted out for the new website. As this post is written at 21:25 GMT on the 13/01/2018, the staff list: -------------------------------------------------------- Drood luckyguy23 Thomoski PieDuck_ Kohlli Sotiras_ G4TN TwoSword01 Jimblesmgee wraitheyes OpalVoid MrsTea -------------------------------------------------------- Other than that, hope you're all well. -Thomoski and the staff team
  6. can i be unbanned from the discord

    In all seriousness though, this is not the way to go about a Discord Unban. There will have been a reason you were banned from Discord, and asking for "an unban pls" is not really appropriate.
  7. can i be unbanned from the discord

    i was banned from the discord like 6 months ago can i get an unban pls
  8. Earlier
  9. Game Unban Request - hezann678 (Thomoski)

    As Thom said you already made an appeal and it was denied so I thought I would look at this second one. Now I am very curious to why you thought "I only thought it was the right thing to do". That would be one of the most silly statements I've heard on a ban appeal therefore I will also be Denying this.
  10. Gonna be less active for the coming months due to school.

  11. Game Unban Request - hezann678 (Thomoski)

    The evidence of you stealing from containers was given in your first appeal. It was denied, as this one is also. It is clearly stated that raiding is not allowed.
  12. In-game Name hezann678 Minecraft UUID 1b32e013-1aad-4368-aee1-1c820583a250 Date you were banned 09/01/18 The member of staff that banned you Thomoski Ban reason Griefing/Stealing Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I don't know. The most I can think about was when I saw someone stealing from one of the warps (RedPanda's I think) so I left a sign to let the owner of the warp know. If I shouldn't have done this, I am terribly sorry and won't do it again. I only thought it was the right thing to do Why should your ban be lifted? I don't definitely know what I did and I do not believe any of my actions were so bad that a month long ban was needed Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  13. You were found to have stolen from an unclaimed shop, which is clearly mentioned in rule 3.2 under the Griefing subsection. You stole from multiple containers belonging to RedPanda___, proved by the block data for the containers. For this reason, your application has been Denied. Your ban will be lifted on February 8th, 2018.
  14. Discord Server Name Ferox Survival Discord Profile Name hezann678 Date you were banned 9th of January (09/01/2018) The member of staff that banned you Thomoski Ban reason Griefing/Stealing Link to report {field_value_18} Why do you think you were banned? I don't know. I didn't realise I came into contact with them Why should your ban be lifted? I wasn't aware of anything I did wrong Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  15. Ranks/Nickname/VoteCrate

    On a server i use to play they use to give out Ranks/nicks in the vote crates and i thought this would be a epic idea to drive up more money for the server in the form of Players purchasing keys with (RL cash). and not to exclude current in-game cash user's you can put 1-2 nick/ranks in the reg- vote crate and it will give the players the will to vote more for the free rank and Every month you can take out the rank/nick and put in a set of fresh ones so they become Collectible and having them Colored would also be Fun and it could also change in-game cash user's to (paying) Consumers to help fund the server. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expample: Jedi,Sith,PokeMaster,Monster,Pilot,Ninja,Sage,cleric ect-
  16. Game Unban Request - pastelsinnercat (Hxtred)

    After consideration by the staff team, your application has been approved. You will be unbanned in due course.
  17. Jacob I have the same problem with mining and digging I get kicked a lot when I dig or mine down with any tool in the game enchanted or not.
  18. My dearest Drood, There is tons of issues with the current anti-cheat. I would like to recommend a much better anti-cheat called Spartan. This also comes with a config that I have purchased because I really believe that the server needs a massive upgrade in this sense. The file I have provided is an addon from one of its creators. I just got kicked for mining with the Candy Cane Pickaxe!
  19. Game Unban Request - pastelsinnercat (Hxtred)

    After scrolling the forums I see that there's a big thing about hoppers on this server, so maybe it was the hoppers in the cocoa farm and not the redstone that's the issue? I don't know much about hoppers either but i really don't mind just destroying the thing, if the cocoa farm is the lag machine. My intention was never to make lag on the server, so if it causes lag it's not a big deal for me to just get rid of it, or build something like it without the hoppers? I'm honestly not sure what the issue is in whatever I did, but like i said I don't mind at all if the grinder or the cocoa farm is just destroyed, but I really never meant to break rules and I'm really sorry for any lag I might have caused.
  20. In-game Name pastelsinnercat Minecraft UUID dd132a5a-f0f7-4565-9e60-c3bc05ab3b08 Date you were banned 06/01/18 The member of staff that banned you Hxtred Ban reason Lag Machine Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I don't know what a lag machine is. All I've build is a super simple skeleton grinder and a cocoa farm, and if it's the cocoa farm then I really didn't know it was a lag machine, I don't know anything about redstone. I used a youtube video to make it, and I couldn't even get it to work right besides bonemealing the cocoa. Or maybe i forgot my game was open and stayed at the skelly farm too long and it made lag? I don't even think I was online yesterday though. Why should your ban be lifted? I really didn't know I was breaking any rules, I'm sorry if I did, though. I really didn't mean to. This is the only server I play on and I really don't want to have to wait another month to play. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  21. Some Ideas I've had

    These ideas sound good, I like the idea of the last one I can definetly do this without any risk of duplication for the events one I don't think I do due to when the new website it coming ill be getting them sorted. The first one is also do able but ill think about it. oh and the 4th one .. no.
  22. Chat color for Legend Rank

    This sounds cool I'll probably be able to do something like this
  23. Chat color for Legend Rank

    Thank you so much!
  24. Chat color for Legend Rank

    This sounds like a cool idea, perhaps even making a colour exclusive to legend rank to show off the time you’ve spent on earning it. I’ll pass this onto Drood for you
  25. Chat color for Legend Rank

    As a player on the server i only see players who pay for Mvp,Vip,Supporter that have colored chat and thats awesome but for in-game cash users i think that Legend the highest rank you can currently obtain for in-game cash should have at least a one color option like Light Blue,Red,Purple,Gold idk anything but Grey which is currently in but in my opinion is horrible. I do understand there are colors you can purchases to help fund the server but this would give the players that feeling of being important and happy they made it to Legend.
  26. Some Ideas I've had

    Alright, thanks for the feedback, they're not exactly things I "want" in Ferox, but things I thought would be interesting for the players, if that makes any sense. I look forward to seeing if these are implemented in the future. Thanks -Viney (OpalVoid)
  27. Game Unban Request - Madilescent (luckyguy23)

    OptimusDeerDuck, there was no need to reply to that. Please do not comment any more in this thread, doing so will result in warning points
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