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  1. Some Ideas I've had

    These ideas sound good, I like the idea of the last one I can definetly do this without any risk of duplication for the events one I don't think I do due to when the new website it coming ill be getting them sorted. The first one is also do able but ill think about it. oh and the 4th one .. no.
  2. Chat color for Legend Rank

    This sounds cool I'll probably be able to do something like this
  3. 2018-01-05_19.05.09.png

  4. New Years Art Competition

    Submissions for the New Years art contest!
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  20. New Years Art Contest

    Hello everyone! Art Contest This weeks contest is an Art competition and the theme is New Years. The contest works like this, ONLY 1 piece of Art may be submitted per player via mailing Drood ingame. The contest is self explanatory meaning that you have to create a piece of art using the art system we have on the server (more info by typing /art). You have one week to create the Art. The winners will be decided on the website via the community and will be announced on Saturday (January 6th) night at 9PM GMT (4PM EST). Meaning people have 24 hours to cast their vote. Voting is done via a poll in game. Rules: Cannot be innapropriate You can use as many art canvases as you want. Message Format /Mail send Drood <ArtName> <Brief Description> <Screenshot (optional)> Winners: 1st Place - MVP Rank + 15 Candy Cane Keys + 1 Week of Fly 2nd Place - VIP Rank + 15 Candy Cane Keys + 1 Week of Fly 3rd Place - Supporter Rank + 15 Candy Cane Keys + 1 Week of Fly
  21. Event Managers

    Events on the server have always been an on and off situation with events being delayed or not planned out. Which is why we are finally proud to announce the introduction of the Ferox Events Team. The Events Team will consist of dedicated players who want to do more for the server and also have a good time. The Events Team will be in charged of making and hosting events for the staff and players to participate in so if you are interested make sure to read everything on this thread because is vital you know everything about the role. If you have an questions that are not answered on this thread then make sure to comment them below so there is no confusion when applying for the role. You need to have Discord to join the team. You must be at least 13 years of age or older in order to apply for this position. There are some things you guys need to understand before applying: We take these events very seriously but we have fun while doing so. Being on the event team does not affiliate you with staff in any way, do not go around saying that you are a staff member if you are on the team. If anyone on the team is found to be breaking the server rules you will be removed from the team. We are not going to reward people by allowing them to be apart of our team if they are not following the rules of the server. The Event Team is a team made up of some very dedicated members that wanted to do more for the server. We have created this team to help me accomplish one goal: Bring the Ferox Community closer together. For months The Event Team used to just be exclusive to staff, But we decided that we needed to get more involved with the players. With many requests from players we are now opening up applications to the players of the server! Applications will be opening December 10th
  22. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    A number of reports have been made to be via personal message too I will talk to Scotty about it, thank you for your report.
  23. Game Unban Request - Zagloba (Drood)

    This has been dealt with.
  24. It states in the rules that no matter who was using the account at the time it will be punished accordingly. However I will let you off this once.