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  1. Elevator Signs? :D

    It would also be great to have this plugin, super easy to get up and down from y level 1 to y level 68 or if someone made a sky base, it could be a lot easier/prettier and cleaner to get up and down.
  2. Fast Craft?

    Hey I think the server could use Fast Craft, it would be a lot easier to craft items like wool/snow blocks/concrete powder ect. in large quantities... than having to constantly remake the recipe.
  3. Warping to shops in the market

    I would love this! I know there is a way for you to tp to your shop or anyone who is added to your friends list within your plot. /as addfriend (name) then they would be able to do /as tp shop(number) I do that all the time but it would be cool if everyone could do that command without being on your friend list, I would love to see this in game!
  4. Movie Time ?✌

    Awesome! I love it! ??
  5. Vacation Week! ??

  6. Movie Time ?✌

    Okay, if not this one, I'll find a different one
  7. Movie Time ?✌

    I wanted to put a lot of other people in it, but there wasn't enough spots
  8. Market Plots

    So to be clear xDD We cant use /warp market until after August 5th.... Also wouldn't it be easier to just remove /warp market until after the revamp?
  9. Selfie! ??

    MonaLisaaaa & Scriptor ?
  10. Movie Time ?✌

    ChatBubble & Farkus GrumpyAnton xXElsa1337Xx Drood WhiteCodeHD MonaLisaaaa & Scriptor
  11. Snowball Fight!