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  1. Game Unban Request - hezann678 (Thomoski)

    As Thom said you already made an appeal and it was denied so I thought I would look at this second one. Now I am very curious to why you thought "I only thought it was the right thing to do". That would be one of the most silly statements I've heard on a ban appeal therefore I will also be Denying this.
  2. .

    This was a very innapropriate appeal so I Deny this.
  3. Game Unban Request - Gaavinn (Hxtred)

    Can I also just say that this whole entire thing could have been avoided if you would have made a party and talked in party chat.
  4. LovelyVivi

    Welcome to the server! We all hope you enjoy your time here!
  5. Advent Calender

    Most of you all know by now that the advent calendar is in a wall in a ravine. The simple way to solve this problem is to do /advent Sorry for the inconvenience to all of you and I hope this solves the problem! Your admin, -luckyguy23
  6. Game Unban Request - IgnitedDawn (Thomoski)

    And to end this off I will also be Denying you.
  7. Game Unban Request - theuncommengamer (Thomoski)

    The History never lies
  8. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Can I just say that threatening to leave the server has no punishment so idk why that has been brought up so many times.
  9. Game Unban Request - XxDerek_GamerxX (luckyguy23)

    Your request was approved!
  10. Game Unban Request - Kleiner_Schwanz (PieDuck_)

    Your request has been accepted!
  11. Thanks Giving Build Event Submissions

    Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma's Builders include: luckyguy23, ShibaJade, CosmicWaters, Sotiras_, GhostVortex01, PrincessYosafire, AtomicSolstice Coords: X:21849 y: 91 Z: 6966
  12. Christmas Event Suggestions

    Xmas tree parkour ( with a netherstar )
  13. Game Unban Request - Fayyad3098 (luckyguy23)

    This is not an appropriate ban appeal if you actually wanna play on this server I would recommend making a new one with legit reasons.
  14. lucky you cow ass cow