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  1. REQUST/Sugestion

    Im not sure how it would be bland. It makes builds sooo much better- plus Minecraft trees are bland so..
  2. REQUST/Sugestion

    Hey I was asking if the we can add a custom tree plugin. I know this might be weird but Im asking that we can create these things I "tree shops" . The shop will be a typical shop but displays the tree and you can buy and object "like a sapling with a special name" and when you plant it turns into that tree. Where you can buy custom trees modeled after real tress and plant them. With every tree price depending on the size of it. For example this tree in the middle could cost $1,500
  3. Build area

    hm k let me find a place
  4. Build area

    Hey drood. is there anyway I can have a build world or just a large flat build plot to build my castle so its not uncomplete and just sitting there in the middle of town. I want to finish it in a area where it won't bother everyone
  5. Well ok then

    I know your 17 correct?
  6. Well ok then

    When you relize that 90% of your Minecraft servers are owned by a guy that is 18 and younger.

    ok ty (I have to ask a question too ill ask u when I see u)

    WHERE DID YOU GUYS MOVE MY HOUSE. it was there before the server reboot and gone after (it was in world b saved) I had a 30,000 block claim and it is all gone. If it was deleted I want all my chest backs I had littlerly all I owned in there and can't just just redo all my work. I had over 20 spawners. Drood can you please fix this A.S.A.P if you can't to a reload I would like compensation for the loss
  9. In-game Name King_seacow Minecraft UUID e0ee4565-1c7b-4871-aa31-efa99b851d1e Date you were banned 15/10/17 The member of staff that banned you Im_Scotty Ban reason GRIEFING? Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I dont even know. I didn't grief I keep getting banned when I'm online at random when I didn't do anything Why should your ban be lifted? I didn't do anything I was oflline, no repot, and no evidence Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  10. Moving server host.

    will the server ip change?
  11. Game Unban Request - King_seacow (Im_Scotty)

    I want see what exactly I was banned for, because I didn't touch his build. I'm not even sure what his build is.
  12. Game Unban Request - King_seacow (Im_Scotty)

    But I DIDNT! which build?
  13. Art?

    cool cool
  14. Art?

    Do we have a art team or designer for the forums?
  15. Question

    OK ty you guys (i didnt have water i had lava so ya know)
  16. Question

    Hey is putting lava on some 1 real quick (2 sec, when they have amber armor on and not afk) to make them move (when there in your claim and blocking where you need to build) against the rules? If so what is the approbate punishment?

    The world doesn't have to be from planet Minecraft-that was just a example. Custom worlds dont have to be plugins. You can just download a no right map. I would suggest if you do a plugin do a bit of mc world editor/ world edit copy the world itself and save it as a separate entity so it won't glitch. Install a multi world plugin and create a dev/owner world where you can fix or edit the world. I used to do that on a server that I was co-owner/head of staff on I agree custom maps can be laggy for people playing on old computers, but... if they are set up properly they will be fine. Plus if your upgrading the server, just prepare and buy a good domain that can handle the map.

    I think we should download a custom world map. I feel it will improve server quaility and enjoyment over all. I personally would. prefer a realistic world map For exp.
  19. PLEASE READ (staff)

    Im just trying to make sure my urban request is seen, its been a week so I'm just trying to spread it out.
  20. In-game Name King_seacow Minecraft UUID e0ee4565-1c7b-4871-aa31-efa99b851d1e Date you were banned 20/09/17 The member of staff that banned you Drood Ban reason Griefing Link to report Why do you think you were banned? No clue. I wan already banned for stealing a spawner. I lived out the ban, only to see I was banned for perm. Why should your ban be lifted? I didn't grief anybody, I was gone because of a ban by luckyguy23 banned for stealing a spawner, I log on after the I served the ban and I was banned for grieving? There is no evidence or report of me grifing. Im Innocent. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  21. Unban request(can't upload to proper forum)

    Luckyguy I am having trouble locating the place to apply for a urban. I hoping you can help me As you know you banned me for 1 week, and I accepted the ban, but when I went to get on today I was banned for life by drood for griefing. I haven't even been on! I didn't grief a thing. The problem is I don't have any evidence since I was gone when this happened. I don't know what is going on, who reported, why I'm banned. I didn't do a thing! I posted this is your account but didn't receive any feedback so I decided to post it here because I can't post anything or create a topic in urban requests