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  1. Category Crates Summary Lost /fly prize after server reboot Description On December 24th, sometime in the evening (eastern standard time) I won the 30 days of fly via the candy crate. The next day when I signed on, I received 'insufficient permission' when trying the /fly command. I tried both relogging and reloading the Minecraft client. There were multiple people online when I won, I know for sure MonaLisa saw it as her and I talked a bit about it right after. Please investigate at your earliest convenience. Thanks. Reproducibility Always Steps to Reproduce Try /fly Get "insufficient permission" message. Do you accept and understand that if this bug can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage by other players it should not be sumitted here? Yes
  2. Did not recieve winnings from Autumn Crate.

    I can confirm having this exact issue few minutes ago. Won the amber key via the vote crate, used it, but did not have the prize transferred to inventory.