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  1. ThisHugeCoq For DROOD

    ThisHugeCoq attempted to return to the server as _______ and was banned again when this was discovered (only because he let's it be known) ThisHugeCoq attempted to return to the server as ______ and was not banned and will never be known that he is coq.
  2. ThisHugeCoq For DROOD

  3. ThisHugeCoq For DROOD

    You're going to be making a lot of edits. im not going to stop thats who i am. i give it all i got that is my plan. you'll laugh on what you lost you know you can. bet on it bet on it bet on it bet on it. But seriously, just stop commenting. this was meant for drood. drood knows im alting a lot. and i just want to speak with drood. not you or anyone else. to resolve this conflict. because i will take it as far as i can for my money to be put to good use.
  4. ThisHugeCoq For DROOD

    Thats not at all what happened and you know this. I talked to Zek, got unbanned and unmuted. Didn't break any rules after that point and then whenever i donated i get banned 5 hours later. i planned on being a normal member and not breaking anymore rules (hence why i donated, to prevent me from doing so because i enjoy the server) and yet i was still banned.
  5. ThisHugeCoq For DROOD

    I will. I'll call paypal and chargeback. It's literally so easy and honestly I'm deserving of a refund anyways. So I don't get why Drood would risk his paypal for 100 dollars.
  6. ThisHugeCoq For DROOD

    Please give me my money back. You and I both know that what you did wasn't fair. You're now using your ability to ban me to hide the fact that you stole my money. I purchased these items under the pretense that I was in the clear because your staff member unbanned and unmuted me. So to show my appreciation and dedication, I donated. I didn't break any rules after I was unbanned. Please, for the last time, don't make this grow large.