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  1. Game Unban Request - Cometdonkey (Remiix_TaZe)

    Hey man its cool. Youre only doing your job and cleary going off the evidence you have. Although if you looked deep enough you would have seen i joined the server with a different ip. came to visit my family for two days. So what happens when i go home sunday and my ip is normal again? Do i get unbanned for not being an alt? For reals though its totally cool. I know a ton of retarded people and most of them live happy lives. I think you fit in pretty good at this server.
  2. In-game Name Cometdonkey Minecraft UUID a773880a-77a3-459e-b028-49b54efeb4e4 Date you were banned 07/10/17 The member of staff that banned you Remiix_TaZe Ban reason Ban Evading Link to report Why do you think you were banned? Because im playing in the same room as Wickedslime. Even though there are clear screenshots of myself and wickedslime being two different people the mod who banned me apparently wasnt smart enough to see that. Why should your ban be lifted? Because the mod Ajxni is clearly not the smartest when it comes to looking at screen shots and banned me from the server when im not an "alt" im a normal freaking player who happens to be Wicked's brother but then i get banned for "ban evading" even though we play all the time together! Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  3. Report a Staff Member - schelhezt

    Legit first server ive been in where you cant be in someones claim. So a public warp such as expfordays. Im reporting Snhelhezt and he could then decide he doesnt want me in his claim anymore. The fact that its a "rule" is ridiculous. Its claimed for a reason. You cant grief. Everyone has PVP off so you cant do anything as a player. Common sense is not going in someones claim?? You cant do anything if youre not trusted! Thats still the stupidest rule you guys have. Also again it should be listed in the rules because "common sense" is just vague enough that mods can go and do whatever they want and classify it under "common sense".
  4. Report a Staff Member - schelhezt

    Name of the staff member(s) you are reporting schelhezt Your In-game Name Cometdonkey Date of the event 06/10/17 Time of the event 11:15pm Who was involved in the event? Wickedslime, Myself, Squeen (Arbiter), and mod Please provide any available details regarding the event Wickedslime saw a player named stevey stealing from chests. after he verified the chests were not claimed he told Schelhezt. He took care of the issue and then squeen/arbiter saw wickedslime in the area and immediately freaked out that he was in the claim. The mod told him to leave because "you cant be in someones claim if they dont want you there" that it is "a rule" which it isnt in /rules. So we brought that up in a point but the mod wasnt having it. Squeen/Arbiter was cussing myself and wickedslime out in global chat. Noone was warned and rules were made up on the spot. The mod killed wickedslime and he lost all of his stuff. First off it being in someones claim without permission is a rule it needs to be in /rules. Also what happens when i get a ton of claim blocks form crates and just claim everywhere? Second squeen/arbiter needs to be banned for her/his toxic speech. Ive seen this particular mod warn people over using one cuss word and also for counting down a vote party. I understand that all staff has the final say but playing favorites and bending rules for these players should not be allowed. Please add any available evidence I accidentally put them all in member albums. Idk how to link otherwise. I also included an image wicked sent me of his first interaction with the mod. Do you accept and understand our report a Staff Member terms and acknowledge that falsely reporting a staff member can lead to a ban? Yes
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