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  1. In-game Name gam3rz_boss23 Minecraft UUID i cannot obtain this on mobile Date you were banned 08/08/17 The member of staff that banned you Ex-staff member Ban reason filter bypassing Link to report Why do you think you were banned? i cursed Why should your ban be lifted? i am apologetic of the incident and i will try not to have it happen again Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  2. Im leaving :(

    Hey guys! i really enjoyed being a part of this community! but sadly as i have been banned for 30 days and am unable to appeal, i will likely not return due to things irl and in game. i enjoyed the community and hope u all enjoy ferox! Until next time ~gam3rz_boss23
  3. OK. Tommorow is the last day that vortex keys are going to be around. We need a key to replace it, so lets give Drood some ideas. Leave some suggestions below this thread to give ideas for Drood to use! (hopefully)