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  1. Hi all, In lieu of the new website being worked on, and hopefully released soon, I'm posting updates to staff roles here. These will be on the official changelog on the new website when it comes. Staffing Changes: Hxtred: Moderator > Member Sotiras_: Helper > Moderator zPxVerario: Helper > Member Luxiahh: Trainee > Member Jimblesmgee: Trainee > Helper OpalVoid: Member > Trainee MrsTea: Member > Trainee wraitheyes: Member > Trainee Please be aware that Admins have been granted addition powers and abilities, for a full list of our commands, read through the Staff Commands list: Also, due to changes on the website, the staff list is no longer available or updated, which will be sorted out for the new website. As this post is written at 21:25 GMT on the 13/01/2018, the staff list: -------------------------------------------------------- Drood luckyguy23 Thomoski PieDuck_ Kohlli Sotiras_ G4TN TwoSword01 Jimblesmgee wraitheyes OpalVoid MrsTea -------------------------------------------------------- Other than that, hope you're all well. -Thomoski and the staff team
  2. can i be unbanned from the discord

    In all seriousness though, this is not the way to go about a Discord Unban. There will have been a reason you were banned from Discord, and asking for "an unban pls" is not really appropriate.
  3. Game Unban Request - hezann678 (Thomoski)

    The evidence of you stealing from containers was given in your first appeal. It was denied, as this one is also. It is clearly stated that raiding is not allowed.
  4. You were found to have stolen from an unclaimed shop, which is clearly mentioned in rule 3.2 under the Griefing subsection. You stole from multiple containers belonging to RedPanda___, proved by the block data for the containers. For this reason, your application has been Denied. Your ban will be lifted on February 8th, 2018.
  5. Game Unban Request - pastelsinnercat (Hxtred)

    After consideration by the staff team, your application has been approved. You will be unbanned in due course.
  6. Chat color for Legend Rank

    This sounds like a cool idea, perhaps even making a colour exclusive to legend rank to show off the time you’ve spent on earning it. I’ll pass this onto Drood for you
  7. Game Unban Request - Madilescent (luckyguy23)

    OptimusDeerDuck, there was no need to reply to that. Please do not comment any more in this thread, doing so will result in warning points
  8. Game Unban Request - Madilescent (luckyguy23)

    Thank you, but comments from people not involved in the issue are not needed. Your case is being reviewed Madilescent
  9. Black Scroll

    How were you envisioning this working? Would there be different scrolls to different enchants? Would one scroll remove the top enchant or would you be able to decide?
  10. Some Ideas I've had

    Thanks for the feedback, we're always looking for ways to improve the server. In regards to your first idea, you can pseudo emulate this by charging people a weekly fee and adding them to a claim with a door or button to pass through, but I'll speak to drood about the possibility of making it an automated system. I'm not sure about the event system, weather it would be too complicated to do in an automated fashion, but when the events team has been formed, this might be something we can discuss with them, player run events, working alongside the events team to run them at the least. The money card system sounds fairly doable, the only issue is in the risk of duplication. If this is implemented, we'll need to test and assess how easy, if at all possible it is to duplicate the money cards, as this could potentially break the economy. The last one sounds good to me tbh. I'll relay these ideas to Drood and the events team when it is formed, and I'll let you know of any updates.
  11. Lost /fly prize after server reboot

    It has now been 5 days without response. This issue is now closed and will be locked to further replies.
  12. Rollback Items Lost

    It has now been a few days without response. This issue is now closed, and will be locked to further replies.
  13. Rollback Items Lost

    Just a reminder that no action can be taken without evidence to support your claim. Please post it within the next few days or I will mark this post an inactive, and consider the issue solved.
  14. general suggestion

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s always useful to both Drood directly and the staff team. In regards to mob spawn rates, this is something currently being assessed and worked on, but requires constant adjustment due to some plugins and the ability to get key drops from natural hostile mobs. In regards to crate content, feel free to make suggestions for things to be added, as these can be passed along to Drood and the (hopefully) soon to be formed events team appropriately. When it comes to the attaining of keys for crates, Vote keys can be attained from voting for the server and vote party boxes. Survival keys can be dropped from naturally spawning hostile mobs at a low chance (which can be increased with looting enchantments, if I’m correct) and our seasonal premium crate can also have keys attained naturally. However, this crate forms part of the revenue stream for the server, keeping it and our other utilities like the website up and running to a high standard. Unfortunately server rollbacks do happen, and are out of our control as they are usually due to a technical fault, but we will try and solve issues in any way we can. Hopefully this has helped, and feel free to ask any questions you have!