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  1. Other players selling items in my shop?

    Thanks for the info. Didn't know Drood's alt was Doubleyoubee lol
  2. Christmas Event Suggestions

    Art competition or temporary renovation of spawn to match the Christmas theme.
  3. Other players selling items in my shop?

    Update: I have checked all of the chests (by attempting to purchase them) and it turns out they are all out of stock. However, there is a possibility that they will stock up the items too. Now, the biggest problem is the fact that they have taken my items that were in the previous chests and are taking business from my shop by doing so. I still would these these chests to be removed from my shop as soon as possible. Thanks, Seal
  4. Other players selling items in my shop?

    Recently, I (SealBoi123) opened a shop in /warp market. It's a Nether themed shop. When I got on, there were three players who were selling items with chests inside of my shop. The players are Doubleyoubee, LittlbroBry, and Mburesh. I did not allow this, and I have never spoken to the players in global, party, or private chat. Since renting the shop (shop2) yesterday night, I have kept up with the rent and not missed anything. In fact, I rented it again to see if it would fix the problem. LittlbroBry has taken away my chests that were selling building items (cobble, stone, nether brick, etc.) and replaced them with chests that sell Ferox armor for 200 dollars and Elytras for 2,000. Doubleyoubee has replaced one of my chests selling Blaze Rods with Gold Ingots. Mburesh has replaced one of my chests in the valuable section of my shop (diamonds, redstone, etc) and replaced it with an unspecified enchanted book. I would like these player's chests to be removed from my shop as I cannot remove them myself. If possible, I would also like to have the items that were taken from the chests that were selling my items. Please, look into these players and their actions. I would be surprised if this was a game mechanic, but if it is please let me know. Thanks, Seal Edit: If this is in the wrong forum category, please move it. I wasn't sure where this would belong, so I posted it under "questions".
  5. Secrets?

    I believe the server IP is