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  1. My Expensive Beacon Project

    Remind me never to tp to you with my potato pc that would legit never allow me to log onto the server again xD.
  2. New Forums Area

    A area called "Sell Your Items" on the forums would be a great way to sell some of your items or advertise your shops so basically what this area is its a place where players can post a topic on what their selling and how much it costs and players who want to buy it can comment on that post and the player will sell it to them it would be a nice idea and its better than /ah because it gives it a few days for it to be sold and before they can post another they must remove their old one.
  3. Game Unban Request - ThisHugeCoq (Drood)

    Was this a joke?
  4. New Rule

    I had you /ignored
  5. New Rule

    This seems unneeded as you choose to have a public warp and its not really a rule that your suggesting its a command/ new feature.
  6. Report a Player - DemonIzzy, _Jaspero_ and Plodinski

    I completely agree thank you for responding.
  7. In-game Name Cry4Help Name of player you are reporting DemonIzzy, _Jaspero_ and Plodinski Have you or the other player(s) involved attempted to resolve the issue? No Date of the event 07/08/17 Who was involved in the event? DemonIzzy, _Jaspero and Plodinski Please provide any available details regarding the event So as you probably know the new vote party system was added and this means instead of a /warp voteparty there`s crates instead i love it its a lot better than the old one but the problem that is bugging me that is a few people are trying to scam players on /ah I got fooled by this once and lost 5k from Plodinski but I am not bothered about that at all its only 5k but the real issue is is that i think a new player who struggles to make 5k or however much it is will be quite upset and leave the server for good it wont be a very good first impressionl. The only reason its these three people getting reported is because their the only people I saw on did it on /ah i`m not 100% sure if this is scamming but in my eyes it is. I also know these could easily be told that its fake but when i bought it i did not know at the time that it said "Open to redeem rewards". Please add any available evidence DemonIzzy Proof: _Jaspero_ Proof: Plodinski Proof: Do you accept and understand our report a player terms? Yes
  8. A new rule idea

    I think a rule should be put into the server about advertising towns, people selling things and people buying things. I often get annoyed with every minute seeing the same person saying "Come to /warp (name) and get a free house!" or something like that or somebody saying "Buying (item) (price) msg me" maybe something like a 5 minute interval for them to wait before being allowed to say this again. This is what the rule could say on /rules if you don`t have an idea already. - Do not advertise towns/ shops more than once every 5 minutes. This will help the people who get annoyed with seeing the same people advertising stuff like that every minute. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion -Cry4Help
  9. Im leaving :(

    You was a nice friend i will miss you hopefully things get better irl.
  10. Mining chest

    Way to over powered aswell and that would make shulker boxes no use
  11. Mining World

    I agree with OhYah it will take out the survival part of the game.
  12. My Few Ideas

    The 60 second one im talking between the [.i] not the entire speaking system
  13. My Few Ideas

    I have been playing the server for a while now and i love it and it has become my favourite server but over the time i have been playing i have thought of a few things that could help the server here is a short list and a brief explanation on why it would help. - A 1 minute wait between [i.] I often see people spamming [i.] and it annoys lots of people because as soon as that happens at least one person says "Stop flooding chat" or "That`s annoying" and other things like that so a 60 second wait between them could stop that situation. - Rewards for the most active players of the month Players who are constantly on the server play it quite a lot should deserve a prize so its kind of like the top three voters of the month but with active players the rewards they get will be up Drood but the ones i would choose is 1st = $10 on /buy, 2nd= $100,000 in game and 3rd = 10 Ferox Keys. But those are the ones i would choose but if you don`t like them you can choose your own. - /time Rewards On the topic of activity every player should have the opportunity to get rewards for playing a lot so this means when someone hits their first hour on the server they get a small reward of like $500 or something when they hit their first 24 hours they get a bigger reward of $5000 when they hit 48 hours they get $10,000 or any other prize like that but they need to be online at that time so their /time will update so this only works if the player is online for that amount of time. - Random Chests This one is a bit complicated in the entire world there is 25 crates and these could be anywhere in the world and they just have random stuff in them kind of like what you get in your daily treasure that kind of stuff that would be cool for people just wanting to explore because they will find nice little chests around the world they don`t have to be op or anything just something for people to look for and these chests get refilled every 24 hours. - Donors get the ability to choose the color of their name So this is kind of like /chatcolor but with your name so like chat colour depending on what rank you buy you get a certain name colour i know you get a name colour with donor ranks but maybe like another one a donor can choose from like VIP can choose red or blue or supporter getting green or yellow something like that would be cool. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions I don`t expect all of these to be added but maybe think of some of them. I`m sorry if you noticed any grammar or spelling mistakes i`m not the best at that. - Cry4Help
  14. What new key should be made to replace vortex keys?

    I agree with you on this one and it would make it so op that the server will end up getting boring really fast because it would be way too easy to get money.