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  1. In-game Name Madilescent Minecraft UUID dd84fd08-040d-4514-a3fa-69ee9c1177a8 Date you were banned 06/01/18 The member of staff that banned you luckyguy23 Ban reason Raiding / Harrasment Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I was banned for raiding and harassment to some of the staff members about being banned. Why should your ban be lifted? I never meant to harass anyone and I apologise for any offence I caused. I went over the top, I made a severe lapse in my judgement which caused the situation I am in now and I accept full responsibility for my actions. I love Ferox, it's my favourite server and really the only one I play on apart from Hypixel, I have amazing friends who I will miss massively. I just wanted to get back on and didn't understand what was going on so I snapped. Once again, I'm sorry for any offence I caused to you all. I love you all dearly and you are my closest friends who I know I can talk to if I ever need someone to talk to. Thanks, -Madi Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  2. For example, Knight = Dame Hero = Heroine Lord = Lady Emperor = Empress Demigod = Demigoddess
  3. Changed my username from Condensity to Madilescent.

  4. Official Abandoned Building List

    I totally agree, I think this would help clear up abandoned projects and let people possibly restore/finish them.
  5. Got accepted for Trial Staff! It's an honour.