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  1. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Name of the staff member(s) you are reporting Im_Scotty Your In-game Name Intelligence Date of the event 08/12/17 Time of the event 11:25 US Eastern Who was involved in the event? banned me from discord. Please provide any available details regarding the event He banned me for personal preference. He mutes and warns for reasons he doesn’t like. The server might be fine with it and it might not be Against the rules. But if he doesn’t like it. He mutes warns or bans you. Which is what he did to me. Please add any available evidence I can’t send evidence of being banned from a discord server and can’t send the messages from it because im banned Do you accept and understand our report a Staff Member terms and acknowledge that falsely reporting a staff member can lead to a ban? Yes
  2. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Kohlli, I can't see what you unsave nor can i see when you unsave them.
  3. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Scott, you can't assume I'm lying, in fact until earlier today, Kohlli hadn't admitted to me that you were dating. What if she's a liar. And this isn't just about me, others say the same thing. You are too emotional and trigger happy with punishments. You relate things to yourself and base it off that, when really you should base it off the servers rules.
  4. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Scott as I said before. when i started taking screenshots, she unsaved our texts. Which makes me kind of suspicious, I don't know about you.
  5. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    You unsaved most of our texts, how am I supposed to get more proof. And don't lie, you said you wanted me to come down. You even said I could if I could find a way to hide from your mother. You are bold face lying to everyone. You asked me to see a movie with you also.
  6. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Please explain this then kohlli.
  7. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Ok so, what you’re saying is, you’ve never based it on opinion. Ok well I have heard from multiple staff members that you do. You make so many choices based on your past. What about others. And another thing. You have done the same things. And I actually was going to leave he server every time someone would tell me and cheer me up. And then you ban me for causing fights even tho i dont start them I just join in. Clearly you don’t know my side of the story and you won’t take the time to learn it
  8. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    His reasoning is invalid, he does the exact same thing when he is sad.
  9. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Here’s some proof he’s using personal preference. I had no clue he was even dating her. And I’ll admit I was flirting, but before now, so was she.
  10. Thanks Giving Build Event Submissions

    Plymouth Thanksgiving Team Members: Intelligence + Ignited Dawn Coords: 2618 66 21855
  11. No Maximum Custom Enchant Limit

    I don't know if it's just me, but i would really like to be able to max out items with all the custom enchants they can hold. It wouldn't be too OP either, considering there is little to no pvp involved and pvp is by choice.