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  1. Official Abandoned Building List

    Building Description: A small farm area containing a barn and a house. I don't think this area is abandoned either due to it having a lot of amber gear. I fear someone may steal it Player Owner I am uncertain on who made this area but inside the home on the first floor is an armour stand with a players head the owner of the head may be the person who made it? Either way you can check with coreprotect Picture Picture in attachments Co-ords -6337/63/22552
  2. Would be really cool if your warps had a command, the reason I say this is if you are trying to advertise your warp and such people always say in chat "Use /warps and look for <insert number/name here> " instead you can just say "use /warps mrstea1" or 'warps simba' etc...
  3. The shop purchase message spam is too much, it completely clears your chat when people spam buy from you. I'd rather it gone or moved somewhere like the action bar Sorry for suggestion spam, forgot to sign in
  4. Problem solved Drood just sent me a message on discord and gave me my $75k back thanks!!
  5. I'm down 75k as the auction house doesnt give details about the spawners that are up for sale and someone put a "Iron Golem Spawner" on auction house for 75k so I bought it but it was actually a spider spawner that was renamed. I've spoken to many staff about it all were saying only drood can sort it out so I've been searching my logs (Huge thanks to scotty for this advice) and found this: This is evidence that I spent 75k on a spawner as seen by my chat log and also you see in chat I place a spider spawner down not iron golem. Hopefully this is enough proof as it is the best I could find
  6. Please make it impossible to rename spawners, when someone puts a renamed one on auction house it is impossible to tell the difference! I spent 75k on a "Iron Golem Spawner" and it was just a spider spawner that has been renamed. The only purpose for renaming a spawner is to scam someone
  7. Thanks Giving Build Event Submissions

    XYZ: 8648 / 78/ 12327 Builders Include: MrsSand, MrsSand, MrsSand, MrsSand and MrsSand (BOB) Helpers: G4TN (provided wood for cornucopia), SmokeyCraft (supplied almost all supplies for the cooked turkey) "The Turkey"
  8. The 3x3 Is cool for breaking things but it is horrible when trying to build and I feel we should have an easy method to switch between 1x1 and 3x3. My suggestion is if you are sneaking while breaking it will only do a 1x1 otherwise it will do a 3x3 but so long as it is added I dont mind how it comes into existence