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  1. Game Unban Request - projacko247 (Remiix_TaZe)

    you didn't warn me in chat? you asked the guy whose house we were in if he wanted us here, he said no then all you said was "okay youre breaking rule 2 leave" and i only asked you to quote rule 2 for me to which you replied "type /rules and read it yourself" despite me saying three or four times that i was dyslexic and if you could please read it to me, even going so far as to actually leave the house and stand outside the house asking you to read it for me because i could only just read that rule 2 was griefing and had no idea how griefing correlated with standing in someones house.
  2. Game Unban Request - projacko247 (Remiix_TaZe)

    the text in the /rules menu is orange and i have trouble reading text in some colours (red, orange, pink and yellow) depending on the background colour
  3. In-game Name projacko247 Minecraft UUID 1efec786-9a0e-446a-8d6f-69edbbc9763b Date you were banned 27/07/17 The member of staff that banned you Remiix_TaZe Ban reason Breaking rule #2 and being disrespectful to other players Link to report Why do you think you were banned? Because Remiix_TaZe did not understand that I couldn't read the /rules for myself and thought I was trolling despite me saying I have dyslexia. Why should your ban be lifted? Because I was told to leave a player's house and I asked why, to which Remiix responded that I was breaking rule #2. I then asked kindly if Remiix could read the rule out to me as I told him I have dyslexia and could not read the /rules due to the colours used in the /rules menu making it even harder for me to read. He ignored me and banned me. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes