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  1. Game Unban Request - IgnitedDawn (Thomoski)

    Here are screenshots of the history of IgnitedDawn and Alts. There are more than 4 offenses all together, not including repeated offenses (10 at the very least). Intelligence claims to have given you the Alt ThotScott On November 17, and proof here that you must have changed the name from 1mmDingaling to ThotScott:
  2. Gonna be gone December 15-18! Gonna visit a friend v:

  3. Report a Player - Vulpey

    In-game Name mechanicalSavior Name of player you are reporting Vulpey Have you or the other player(s) involved attempted to resolve the issue? Yes Date of the event 29/07/17 Who was involved in the event? Vulpey Mr_Barowner Please provide any available details regarding the event Vulpey tore down the dark oak behind Mr_Barowner's place, and as a result behind my town, Rivermouth founded by luckyguy23. They left floating trees, stumps, and few saplings behind to even begin to replant. Drood confirmed it to be Vulpey when I asked to see who did the damages. I began replanting with Mr_Barowner and Ruckius. The damage was over half the forest, and our supply of dark oak as a result. All I ask for is saplings to finish replanting since dark oak saplings seem to be hard to come by. I was told to report this by OhYah Please add any available evidence Drood came by and checked the logs and confirmed it to be Vulpey. the town in question is seen from the edge of said forest. Do you accept and understand our report a player terms? Yes