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  1. Unrenting glitch

    Category Markets Summary Unrenting glitch Description When someone unrest a shop there are items still floating and they don't go away until reset which is inconvenient because most people wanna start on their shops immediately but can't because of this glitch. I've attached one screenshot of what I'm talking about right here. Thanks, BracIt Reproducibility Always Steps to Reproduce Buy a /warp market plot and you'll find out very easily. Do you accept and understand that if this bug can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage by other players it should not be sumitted here? Yes
  2. Game Unban Request - BracIt (Ex-staff member)

    Also the reason I edited that so many times is because I wanted to make that sound as official and as mature as possible to me, I mean come on, I'm a teenager and I've never done so many big words in my life.
  3. Game Unban Request - BracIt (Ex-staff member)

    I'm being 100% honest with you I didn't mean to ban evade. I thought having alts to play on was like a thing you could do on the server which i've seen MANY people get on the server with alts (which are publicly known, might I add) so I apologize even though that won't fix what I did by ban evading and I'll remember that ban evading is bannable for the future. (I hope to never have to recall that knowledge anyways) Also the reason I had logged back in with an alt in the first place, was try to explain to Hxtred that he was being fooled by GrumpyAnton, and that I was, and am, telling the truth about the situation. I never meant to break any rules. (That last sentence is kind of repetitive in the next paragraph. Don't say I didn't warn you.) Also I logged off immediatly after Hxtred had told me that logging in with alts while you were banned was bannable, and once again, I know apologizing won't fix what I did, but I just wanted to say sorry for it and I will be aware of the things I take from other people in the future, and I also plan to give Grumpy my 8th spawner, and I won't any mare of an ordeal about it any more after this ban gets resolved. Hopefully I won't have to remember ban evading because I'll try to not get banned anymore than I have before, because I enjoy this server other than most. Plus this is actually the most time I spent trying to get unbanned on any server for what I did than on any other server I've played on. Thanks for even reading this (if you do), and I hope you understand what I'm saying. Thanks again! ~BracIt
  4. Game Unban Request - BracIt (Ex-staff member)

    With all do repsect I think you misenterpreted the situation and i dont know when you're gonna relaize that you're being manipulated. I have semi-valid proof that he played you and it has a bit of a back story. In my /pv 1 there should be a zombie egg. Go check it out and you'll understand, if not, just PM me in Discord and I'll tell you about it. (The Zombie Egg has 8billion zombies in it.) and that is how he got all those spawners that he gave to me. He didn't say Here you can USE these he said, Here TAKE these and use them for your grinder. He never once said anything like borrow or any word relating to it. He is playing you like a game, and you need to come to realize that. Like I said, none of that was meant in a disrespectful way, but please realize he is lying, and I really was unfairly banned. Also sorry I messed up the ban reason, I'm gonna edit this post and delete that comment right now. I was kinda panicky about the whole being banned thing at that moment Also I never filter bypassed in chat all I said was he was "being a petty "b*" and that he was a "c*" . "c*" could've meant anything like cars, cucumber, cabana, the world is full of possibilities Once again sorry about accusing you of something you didn't say, I hope you'll forgive. ~BracIt
  5. In-game Name BracIt Minecraft UUID 5673e9e7-9886-4684-a103-6b7c6c69c63e Date you were banned 23/08/17 The member of staff that banned you Ex-staff member Ban reason "Stealing (You only gave back 7 spawners); 'Being a bitch" Link to report Why do you think you were banned? If you want what the ban reason says I'd say "stealing", if you want my honest opinion I think it was more of calling Anton a "b*" than him lying to a staff member to get me punished. Why should your ban be lifted? I was, what I believe, was unfairly banned. GrumpyAnton lied to Hxtred becuase I wouldn't give him all of my ~45 zombie spawners from my grinder. He GAVE me 8 zombie spawners to add to my grinder sometime back in July, and I'm assuming he said (becuase this is what Hxtred told me) that he only gave me the spawners to "hold on to" and that itself is a flat out blatent lie. I then logged back on with my other account "wiAlcO" and he says that I was then going to get perm-banned for "ban evading" which I didnt know was a legitimate thing of here, because I thought you were allowed to have alts, so I pretty much immediatly left the server. I'm not so sure about the alt thing, more as the fact that I got falsely banned. With all do respect to Hxtred when I say this, I think he should have investigated the situation for more than 5 minutes before deciding to ban someone, once again, I'm not throwing shade at him but I feel like he could've dealt with it a little better. Please understand I did not lie or steal anything from anyone on the server, and I don't plan to because I like this server (it's in my top 3 favourites.) Thank you for considering my appeal, and I would like to hear back soon. Thanks, BracIt Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  6. I will be going on vacation starting from today- ~2weeks. I will still be keeping in touch with the Discord so any questions just PM me there (BracIt#2048) and I'll be happy to answer Heading off to New York to see family, and will be happy to share photos if you guys would like. Thanks for reading! ~BracIt
  7. Community events

    Yeah winner gets like 10 Ferox keys or something along those lines (Who likes my profile pic? )
  8. PC Setups

    I literally just use a Mac that runs 60 frames. Pretty good for a 8 year old desktop
  9. Mob Kills for disguise and Portable Anvils

    I feel like the Blaze&Chicken disguise system is kinda reverse. Maybe like 400-500 Chicken kills, and 300-350 Blaze kills Idk tho