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  1. Ranks/Nickname/VoteCrate

    On a server i use to play they use to give out Ranks/nicks in the vote crates and i thought this would be a epic idea to drive up more money for the server in the form of Players purchasing keys with (RL cash). and not to exclude current in-game cash user's you can put 1-2 nick/ranks in the reg- vote crate and it will give the players the will to vote more for the free rank and Every month you can take out the rank/nick and put in a set of fresh ones so they become Collectible and having them Colored would also be Fun and it could also change in-game cash user's to (paying) Consumers to help fund the server. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expample: Jedi,Sith,PokeMaster,Monster,Pilot,Ninja,Sage,cleric ect-
  2. Chat color for Legend Rank

    As a player on the server i only see players who pay for Mvp,Vip,Supporter that have colored chat and thats awesome but for in-game cash users i think that Legend the highest rank you can currently obtain for in-game cash should have at least a one color option like Light Blue,Red,Purple,Gold idk anything but Grey which is currently in but in my opinion is horrible. I do understand there are colors you can purchases to help fund the server but this would give the players that feeling of being important and happy they made it to Legend.
  3. Chat color for Legend Rank

    Thank you so much!