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  1. Report a Player - ThisHugeCoq

    In-game Name Vulpey Name of player you are reporting ThisHugeCoq Have you or the other player(s) involved attempted to resolve the issue? No Date of the event 16/08/17 Who was involved in the event? Everyone knows the Coq situation. Please provide any available details regarding the event He's been constantly attacking the server day after day, and it's gotten to the point to where it's ridiculously sad and constantly annoying. With the infinite alts he uses to spam the chat with his swear bypassing dialogue, I'm getting uncomfortable with Coq's persistence. Is there anyway we can rid of him for good? It's already been determined that what he's doing is illegal, but he's still knocking on Ferox's door almost daily... Please add any available evidence I think there are more than plenty of witnesses. Do you accept and understand our report a player terms? Yes
  2. In-game Name Vulpey Minecraft UUID 415e5bfa-d807-457a-a83f-0f5711325a52 Date you were banned 30/07/17 The member of staff that banned you luckyguy23 Ban reason Cutting down a forest near a claim Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I was banned for by luckyguy23 for destroying a forest I did not realize was so close Mr_Barowner's claim. Why should your ban be lifted? Prior to my ban, I offered to replant the trees I destroyed (mechanicalSavior, the one who informed me of what I did and reported me, would not allow me to teleport to her in order to do so, but she allowed me to give her a surplus of saplings) and apologized to Mr_Barowner personally. I had thought everything was resolved after that, so I was surprised to see the ban message upon trying to log in to Ferox several hours afterward. This situation is very similar to my first ban on the server, when I destroyed some trees near RunesLikePrunes's town. On the ban appeal for that, I promised I wouldn't make that same mistake again - I never intended to break that promise. Had I seen Mr_Barowner's place so close to where I was cutting down trees, I would've changed my course to another, more remote forest. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  3. Report a Player - Vulpey

    Thank you!
  4. Report a Player - Vulpey

    I didn't realize I tore them down so close to his place - I would be happy to replant truly sorry for causing you all trouble, I never meant to.