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  1. Category Other Summary Did /Marry gift and lost a Candy Cane Key Description When I did /marry gift, not realizing that if my partner had a full inventory, the item would disappear. I feel this needs to be changed ASAP. I lost a candy cane key due to this bug. Reproducibility Always Steps to Reproduce You must be married to someone, then with their inventory full you use the command /marry gift. Do you accept and understand that if this bug can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage by other players it should not be sumitted here? Yes
  2. Timer Until Next Grinch

    Instead of being asked constantly and no one knowing, we need some sort of timer that tells everyone when the grinch will be respawned. It's very annoying to have everyone ask and no one when it is.
  3. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Can you tell me when the messages you are claiming were sent? Because if they were in the past few days, I can assure you that you are lying.
  4. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    This was from November 30th. I do not understand how these apply when we just started dating yesterday. These do not represent what you think they do. All they show is archived history.
  5. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    I banned you due to Constantly starting fights, threatening to quit the server and stuff just to see how people would react. Talking about your depression constantly. Im not saying you do not have it. But when you go around saying you do, it doesn't look like you do. For me warning and muting people, they were talking about inappropriate in chat or more personal topics that should not be in chat. I banned you from the discord temporarily to allow things to calm down. I do not appreciate you threatening me in the PMs. If need be, I can go through my texts logs when I get home to show that you have just fished for attention, this happened on the server. I simply told you to not call her "BB" and so you thought about quitting, said it constantly as well. You have just caused tension not only on the server, but also the discord. Bringing people and telling basically everyone about this was not the correct way to go as I simply asked you to not call my girlfriend something.
  6. Game Unban Request - SirWillougby (Im_Scotty)

    You have been Unbanned!
  7. Ferox Isnt working

    We know, I don't think Drood is awake so we cannot do anything as of the moment.
  8. Removing /weather from MVPs

    I do not believe MVP's should have the ability to control the weather, this has the potential to start some issues, I have a screenshot of it doing that exact thing. Anyone and everyone has the power to get a hold of the perk, if someone wants to be a troll, they can annoy everyone on the server. Some people might say "not everyone can get it due to you having to pay" I have heard that response, but it is accessible by everyone, I just don't think anyone should have the ability. If its not taken away, there has to be limitations put in place just as an instance to ever occur, matters can be taken care of.
  9. Game Unban Request - stanleyrules (Im_Scotty)

    So a dare entitled you to break the rules? I suggest reading over the rules again, also I suggest finding better friends if they are going to get you in trouble.
  10. I know you can see the name before buying the item, but afterwards it just says you bought it. "Item purchased! I feel like it should say the name of the person you purchased from, if that is even possible.
  11. Cryomin

    Well, we are glad to have you! Feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Game Unban Request - Xxderek_gamerxX (Im_Scotty)

    You had sneak on as you moved at the normal walking speed speed. You could not open chests, as I saw you tried to do so while sneaked. Other staff believe you have no slow. This makes it apparent you have a client.
  13. New type of Currency?

    If it were to be able to purchase fly and other things that are implemented with ranks already. That would screw over anyone that has bought a rank or keys. Considering I have spent over $100, it would make me feel like shit if people could earn it in game. I know I am not the only one with this feeling towards it.
  14. Lucky Getting Vanish

    I feel like Lucky should have the vanish command. This would help out in certain situations that might come up. Overall, I feel like the implementation would help Lucky find various issues occurring from players. He would be able to hide in plain sight and deal with any situation accordingly.
  15. Game Unban Request - King_seacow (Im_Scotty)

    You were banned for griefing zpx's build.