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  1. In-game Name ThisHugeCoq Minecraft UUID Not available, on mobile Date you were banned 30/07/17 The member of staff that banned you Drood Ban reason Bai Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I was banned because i consistently trolled. Why should your ban be lifted? Although I consistently trolled and did deserve a temp ban. Here is the true explanation of what happened for Drood to understand. I was bored so i told TaZe i used a hacked client and then he banned me. I was only joming of course and talked with him. He told me to speak to Zekrom, once i spoke woth zekrom and explained the situation, i got on and was 100% completely and entirely respectful and mindful of the rules. So i decided to donate. Then i got off after i used my keys because i had work. Got home the next day after work and was banned when i got online. I never tricked any staff member into unbanning me. Stormbow stresses everyone out. I am liked by the staff and rarely get bammed on alts anymore. I just want to play on the server and have fun. Im even willing to change my user id on minecraft to something more server appropriate. This is originally what i should have done when i first got banned but i was so focused on the lost money and angry that i just made some mistakes. I have talked to all mods and admins. The only people ive noticed with a problem against me is stormbow (not any type of mod or helper) and whitecode. (Never really talked to him but once) I really hope you accept this as an apology and allow me to get om the server and help out the community in a positive way. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  2. Drood

    And mods, I recommend you not ban me so that I am able to speak to Drood myself. I have no been able to contact him face to face since all this happened and I think its only fair that I am given a chance. Nobody needs to comment on this. nobody needs to say anything on this thread. Especially stormbow. that child thinks he knows everything.
  3. Drood

    I want you to read this and fully comprehend the situation that I will be addressing to paypal. When I was banned I was under the influence of alcohol and went to try and get a chargeback and pressed an insane amount of links to do so, not really knowing what I was doing. What happened prior to my ban: I spoke to zekrom, one of your (previous) staff members about the situation for my ban and he and I had a conversation and I told him that I was not using a hacked client at all. I was just trolling Remiix_TaZe. And that I would never make another mistake on this server after this unban if I received it, which I did. After I was unbanned I proceeded to the store after I got paid and purchased a few items to further increase the satisfactory experience I had on your server. I then go to work the next and come home to being banned. To me, and to paypal, that will sound like a scam. No matter what other things you're accusing me of doing post-ban, I will accept the concequences of the authorities coming to my home and arresting me if they so choose, but this message is not simply about my actions after. It is about the transactions that were made to you from my paypal. And I did not receive a refund when I was banned without my knowledge. I was undeserving of the ban, and therefore I deserve my money back. if you do not cooperate I will be call paypal tomorrow after work and figuring this out through there team. I have photo proof of the conversations with zek, and me being unbanned and the times and dates that I was banned on. You seem like a smart figure. Just do the right thing. You'll make more money paying me back and ending this harassment than you would keeping my money and having your staff ban innocent people for fear of it being me. Allegedly.. I have done nothing illegal, I will not admit to doing anything illegal. And I just want this to be settled so your server can progress and the Paypal disputes don't have to be filed. Anybody that is siding with Drood, you try stepping into my shoes and losing 105 dollars like that. Stormbow thinks he knows everything. he does not. This message is not me saying Drood is a bad person by any means. But, this is just a misunderstanding that I will no longer let pass. I want my money back and will get it back. this is just the last time I try to contact him after many, and I mean many different bans and ignored messages.