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  1. Gonna be less active for the coming months due to school.

  2. Some Ideas I've had

    Hey Opal, As Thomoski has said, thanks on the suggestion but I do not agree with all. Relating to your first idea, I don't think it'd be wise charging someone to go to your warp. It'll lessen the use of /warps and the amount of players being brought to your warp. It'd be really unhealthy for new players too if they want to warp to a shop or anything. They'd be paying money to spend money. As Thomoski has said this is too complicated to be able to be properly executed automatically and managed. When the Events Team has been formed, they will most likely think of how players can start an event or what can we add to make an event player-run. Now for the third one, this is very easy to get. Let me rephrase 'MoneyCard' into 'BankNotes'. There are many plugins on the spigot forums that enables you to withdraw money on a piece of paper then redeem it. This was suggested by me ages ago and still has yet to be added By Drood. No. I'll relay my thoughts on these suggestions to Drood and the formed Events Team.
  3. Sorry..

    You have been unbanned, Welcome back to the server.
  4. Add female equivalents to the /rankup ranks

    This has been added.
  5. Report a Player - 50Guppy

    Thanks for posting so much. -.- Now I have to delete them all.
  6. Timer Until Next Grinch

    Yes, Drood said he'll try to add a counter soon. For now we have to bear with it.
  7. Game Unban Request - JavaJar (Hxtred)

    You were banned for being a major contributor to an argument that spurred up due to one of your friend being muted. According to evidence given by Kohlli, you and Gavvinn were arguing about Callistoo's warn saying it was unfair etc. This argument was very huge and you were told multiple times to stop by Kohlli but refused to listen. So you were given a warn. After I received several pieces of evidence I found out that you were involved in some sort of inappropriate 'roleplay' and you were told to stop by Kohlli but refused to listen, instead, you proceeded and due to your bad history on the server, I thought you'd learn from your mistakes but apparently not. So I handed you an extended ban from the others to make you learn from your mistakes. Due to all of this and your lack of regret I will be denying this appeal.
  8. May I also say, you lied in your appeal. So if you see an extended ban, you know why.
  9. You weren't banned for 'debating' you were banned for continuously arguing with Kohlli after they told you to take it to a private message and after your friend got muted. Kohlli did not specifically say the Minecraft private message. She could've meant discord or some other messaging application, so your excuse for that is rendered futile. It is in the rules that you should not argue with a staff member.You did not just speak why it was wrong, you had a full-out rant. If you feel like it was wrongly done report it on here, the forums. You continuously argued about how Callisto was joking when joking is clearly no excuse if you read the rules and he did not even deserve a warn, he deserved a permanent ban which is the correct protocol for racism, especially for the N-word. It doesn't matter to who it is aimed at. Noone or someone, it is not allowed. Also, continuous annoyance should result in punishment and half of the server was not on your side. They all found it ridiculous and childish. Also censoring a racist term doesn't make a difference. It was poorly censored too due to the fact that everyone knew what you were trying to say. This whole thing is ridicule on your part. This whole thing was not unnecessary, it was very important and due to your lack of remorse for arguing with a staff member and annoying the community, I will be denying this ban-appeal on behalf of the staff team.
  10. Hoppers too fast?

    Huge redstone contraptions aren't allowed.
  11. LovelyVivi

    Welcome to our community! Feel free to report any issue you are having on the forums or to a staff member for great feedback.
  12. Game Unban Request - Zagloba (Hxtred)

    Your chat-logs are in your .minecraft folder
  13. Game Unban Request - Zagloba (Hxtred)

    I said nothing about this, I was talking about the private message you complained about me including and until you can get proof of them saying certain things about Nazis and autism, I will not accept the responsibility of this and completely denying this accusation.
  14. Game Unban Request - Zagloba (Hxtred)

    Why am I including a private message? It's pretty obvious, as proof that you've been disrespectful and I tried to be lenient with you. I haven't exposed any further than that so I don't see what's the issue. Are you feeling embarrassed and defeated?
  15. Game Unban Request - Zagloba (Hxtred)

    None of this ever happened and you did not just say that one thing, you said other things to accompany that. Also, you are quite childish and annoying which should've been apart of the reasoning of your warn.
  16. Event Managers

    You're supposed to reply to ask questions about the rank, not say how great you all would be. If you want to prove how great you all are, apply and we'll see.
  17. Game Unban Request - Zagloba (Hxtred)

    Technically, I didn't ban you, you got yourself banned by having 6/7 warnings.
  18. Appeal denied due to ban evasion.
  19. Game Unban Request - TFountMC (Hxtred)

    You clearly admitted to ban evading and your saying your not ban evading while you are doesn't really make a difference. Appeal denied. Also, you don't need to test the staff. We know what we are doing. The reason you weren't banned immediately was because I was questioning you but you left, so I was going to ban you right after but then you joined back and I entered the command. So don't get too cocky just because you were once staff on here and you feel like you have the authority to criticize.
  20. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    You have nothing to do with this. Please unsubscribe from this post and read the rules about player reporting.
  21. Report a Staff Member - Im_Scotty

    Alright. I am completely unbiased for this one. How did this turn into reporting Scotty for banning and muting people for saying or doing things he didn't like to argueing about who was flirting with who and other silly things. To go with this: @Intelligence you provided no proof to show that Scotty banned you abusingly. So you either provide evidence to get him whay he deserves if he did this or have this entire thing dropped. Secondly, this post shouldn't have been used to show screenshots of your Snapchat chats just to prove Kohlli was flirting. Any pictures that is sent must be related to the topic at hand, not to prove an unrelated point to raise one's ego. All of that should've been handled better by taking it to PM's and allow the factual part of Scotty abusing being posted here. Intelligence I say again, provide more evidence or have this thing dropped. - Hxtred Note: I have no intention on dissing anyone. Just please take my message in a professional manner.
  22. I'm sorry, but what you stated makes no sense and is irrelevant to what I said. It doesn't matter that you got banned for barely doing anything, the point is you still got banned. You could've been banned for 5 minutes and got an alt on, it is considered ban evading and you will be punished accordingly. However, I do appreciate your apology.
  23. It is common sense to know that using an alt to play on a server you were banned from, which is ban evading, is not allowed. Also, instead of argueing with staff make a ban appeal on the forums. It's literally the easiest way to get unbanned because Drood is generous and thoughtful. I will leave this to be decided by @Drood. Good luck.
  24. Locking post due to being solved.