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  1. Report a Player - Primal_Waffle

    In-game Name Azqquer Name of player you are reporting Primal_Waffle Have you or the other player(s) involved attempted to resolve the issue? No Date of the event 20/10/17 Who was involved in the event? Azqquer, Primal_Waffle Please provide any available details regarding the event It all started by me saying that i'll pay any1 100k if they dry out the outside of my sea monument, Primal_Waffle has done like 1/3 of the top and he wants me to already pay him 50k and after that he just goes away, maybe 2 minutes later he comes back and finishes the top off and wants me to pay him another 10k, even though i didn't even agree to anything like that. In my opinion i see that he took that 50k and basically scammed me without even finishing his job. EDIT - Also griefed the sea monument before i untrusted him... Please add any available evidence Do you accept and understand our report a player terms? Yes
  2. Will be Gone for 3 weeks or so

    Hello, many of you probably don't know me but i'm Crystal, iDoCrystalMeth in minecraft. I'm making this topic so people know where i'am, so they don't say stuff like "Where's Crystal?". I'm basically going on holiday i might be later on CET or MET time zone on the server but i doubt that. Cya.
  3. What new key should be made to replace vortex keys?

    I think the Ferox Keys should be improved so they can actually be better than the vote keys, i want them to have more expensive stuff than something like diamonds or emeralds.