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  1. In-game Name TFountMC Minecraft UUID dccf6b0c-7c64-4b70-9692-4dd41607eafb Date you were banned 09/12/17 The member of staff that banned you Hxtred Ban reason Ban Evading Link to report Why do you think you were banned? Technically I was "ban evading" but not really. I joined the server twice with my alternate account and I'm guessing that triggered it. Why should your ban be lifted? Here's my explanation for both of them. The first time I got on, I wanted to check if the staff actually knew how to ban people by IP-banning and sure enough they didn't and if you back into the logs, you will clearly see I said "I'm not ban evading" and I left right after that. The second time I joined, was completely accident that's why I left as soon as possible. I'm so use to playing this server on minecraft it was just a habit. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  2. In-game Name TFountMC Minecraft UUID dccf6b0c-7c64-4b70-9692-4dd41607eafb Date you were banned 07/12/17 The member of staff that banned you Ex-staff member Ban reason Toxicity Link to report Why do you think you were banned? I was banned because Scotty was a terrible staff member straight up. I said I wanted to put everything behind and all he wanted to do was bring up the past. I guess there is a reason as to why hes no longer staff. Why should your ban be lifted? I took a long break from the server because I felt like I needed to go for a little bit and I found myself missing the server more and more each day. So I try and come back to put everything behind me and start over and of course good ole Scotty boy couldnt accept that. I felt like I want to bring back the good TFount, the one that everyone loved and was straight up to anyone. Plus, I didnt want their to be corrupted staff as there was before. Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes
  3. Can someone get in trouble for that?

    Those rules apply to general chat. However be careful of who is in your party and be smart, Im not saying dont cuss,I'm saying dont be stupid.
  4. Can someone get in trouble for that?

    It is not as long as it is not on the server chat, anything goes.
  5. Report a Staff Member - TFountMC

    I asked what the hell do you want because you constantly spam my name every 5 seconds. It's getting to the point where I'm just gonna ignore unless you have a question about the server.
  6. I dont know about the other staff but as for me, Im saying this very simple. Yall simply want tio critique us staff for every little thing we do and its all fun and stuff. Maybe instead of crying about this, play the damn server and quit your bickering.
  7. Plots FIXING

    I just wanna say this about the plots. Everyone is constantly losing their most precious and hard working markets due to not being able to rent it again. It's very hard to just have a shop for 15 days and then not being able to extend it. We either have the option to tear our markets down and rent again or we have to just wait until it expires and we lose everything.This has happened to players such as ChatBubble and Arbiter57 and thats just a few that I know of that had markets delete and there are still more to come if nothing is done. Please respond back with some help Drood because this is now the only way to communicate with you. Thanks, TFountMC
  8. Needs An Update

    Look Drood, I'm gonna say this for the server because no one has been saying anything about it on the forums. No disrespect at all towards the server but it NEEDS an update. Slowly people are leaving the server due to constantly achieving everything they can possibly get and being bored. Now I'm not saying change the whole server, that's not at all what I'm asking. The server just needs additions to it. Now you gotta look at it this way, it's a win-win situation. You add plugins that bring in more people which means more $$$$$, and the players are happy with what they got and can stay and have fun. Like I said, I'm not disrespecting the server or you, nor am I saying it's easy. I just don't wanna see a server we all mostly love and/or is the only server they play. I hope you really take this to heart Drood and can make something out of it. -iDoPot{TFount}
  9. Market Extension

    So my market ends in 20 days and does that mean my whole shop gets deleted and I have to start over? If so, thats kind of crazy bcuz Ive been working hard on my shop for it just to delete over 30 days. I would like it to where you can keep adding on days but only have it go up to 30 days. Please help with the issue, Thank you.