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  1. Art Contest


    Look like ima have something to do
  2. Game Unban Request - OpalVoid (Remiix_TaZe)

    As I was the one to ban you I feel I should reply so... Instead of destroying their stuff and breaking all their chests and moving things you felt should be moved to your own storage (which did happen) you could have warned them that it was going to happen and given them a time period to move their items out as they were on with you a hour before. And when I checked the surrounding are with the /co I command there was proof that you did not plan to replace all their items because I saw that you placed lava around the area which to me shows you had intended to burn items that were on the floor and get rid of them. Also just because it is in your town and/or house does not mean you get a special privilege to go to where they keep their items and destroy their chests and the things they have done while they were staying there. I try not to be biased when it comes to things and I have punished you like I would have any other person with the evidence I was given. If you feel I was biased though I can understand because of what was going on at the time and will let one of the others you feel may not be judge this instead. Good luck to you.
  3. let me rephrase what I said... If it happens on a ferox owned server the staff is required to act professionally but if it is not on a ferox owned server well... we have no control over what that staff member does outside of the server.
  4. no I am saying that you can not expect us to ban or punish someone for something they did on another server or on something that is not part of the ferox server. different rules are applied to every different thing you do. Just because it breaks a rule on our server does not mean its not allowed on the server they did it on and there for we can not punish them for things unless it is done on the ferox servers
  5. Well if its not part of ferox the ferox rules do not apply and will not apply due to it not being under our control but just because you are invited to another discord doesn't mean you have to join
  6. Ender Dragon Medicine balls

    this actually happens quite often with me if you don't load all of them in as he is being summoned some cant be destroyed but he is still beatable
  7. Game Unban Request - projacko247 (Remiix_TaZe)

    @Drood I've never really dealt with ban appeals before but for his reasoning of him be dyslexic I had warned him multiple times in chat and those warning were in green and even told him he was breaking rules so I do not feel like he should be accepted
  8. Category Spawners Summary Some spawners arent obtainable that should be Description I don't know all of them but I know of at least the polar bear spawners aren't obtainable and I believe a few more are the same or just don't show up under /mobs Reproducibility Always Steps to Reproduce Just kill a polar bear and it wont show up so there is no proof that you will get one after 500 and that would be a lot of time waisted Do you accept and understand that if this bug can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage by other players it should not be sumitted here? Yes