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  1. Cryomin


    well then
  3. Report a Staff Member - schelhezt

    well good luck explainin that rule too them as lonely helper they didn't understand and didn't want to listen
  4. SoupHD/Pie4Dayz

    welcome and GL
  5. Warp crates

    we have to much of the kits supporter / vip / vip+ / mvp like 90% of all our keys is going for that then which becomes a giant pile at warp crates because nobody wants them is there anyway we can like remove them or reduce the % of getting them?
  6. Game Unban Request - Irishman_Void (Snhelhezt)

    look in Arbiter's house under it and at hes one big wall he got Griefed by parsinipbald and irishman_void foxy_girl101 and ii asked arbiter57 what to do about them and he asked me to punish them so i did
  7. Game Unban Request - Irishman_Void (Snhelhezt)

    Arbiter57's house got Griefed By you and 1 more person
  8. PLEASE READ (staff)

  9. Server spawn rates are lacking

  10. Unban request(can't upload to proper forum)

    GL King on unban
  11. Unban request(can't upload to proper forum)

    you go to appeal ban it's pretty eeasy
  12. Didn't receive my Autumn Sword

    it's a primal sword = useless
  13. Music

    what kind of Music ya'll like?
  14. Game Unban Request - AwfulWaffle101 (luckyguy23)

    or just wait it out man it's like a week
  15. part 2 of mental heaslth

    why did my first psot got deleted ?