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  1. spengebeb lel

  2. Muting

    Category Other Summary Muting Description Recently my brother, Arbiter57, has been muted, since i am his brother we use the same internet, i was muted too. I found this rather annoying considering i was muted for 15 minutes for doing nothing. I don't think i should be punished for what i didn't do. We need to come up with a solution so it is not ip mute. Thank you, -TwinkieWarrior Reproducibility Sometimes Steps to Reproduce honestly no idea what reproducibilty means lol Do you accept and understand that if this bug can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage by other players it should not be sumitted here? Yes it honestly just got solved so nvm forgot my signature picture
  3. Report a Player - TheRealRTP

    In-game Name TwinkieWarrior Name of player you are reporting TheRealRTP Have you or the other player(s) involved attempted to resolve the issue? No Date of the event 25/09/17 Who was involved in the event? Arbiter57. TheRealRTP, TwinkieWarrio Please provide any available details regarding the event So Recently a player was muted for calling Arbiter57 a racist name. People started rebelling and Arbiter57 was called a nibba *nig* is what he was trying to disguise it as. Please add any available evidence Do you accept and understand our report a player terms? Yes
  4. TwinkieWarrior

    I recently changed my name to TwinkieWarrior I was AwfulWaffle101
  5. Can someone get in trouble for that?

    2.4: Toxicity, discrimination, racism or acting in a manner that is deemed inappropriate/offensive at any time is not tolerated. (7+ day ban) it doesn't specify wether it is in a /msg or /p chat at any time
  6. Can someone get in trouble for being racist and swearing in the /p chat? because recently someone did that but they told me it wasnt against the rules. I would like to know before i report them. Thanks.
  7. I recently changed my minecraft name to TwinkieWarrior and I don't know how to change my profile name on this website. Can someone help me? Thanks
  8. Hello, This is AwfulWaffle101 i have applied for staff a while ago and got denied. I would like to apply again for a second chance. I just don't know how long the required time to wait between requests is. If you could tell me i would be grateful. Thank You -Signed, AwfulWaffle101
  9. In-game Name AwfulWaffle101 Minecraft UUID 1dee9163-1a20-4c84-a4ba-e636ff01d5ce Date you were banned 20/08/17 The member of staff that banned you luckyguy23 Ban reason Griefing and claiming at warp fishing Link to report Why do you think you were banned? Because i made a structure at /warp fishing it was the word "Hi" and i claimed it. I meant it to be a platform for which players could stand on and fish or just look at. I didnt mean it as griefing. it was a really long time ago and it really didnt occur to me as something bad so i thought it was fine.... my bad Why should your ban be lifted? Because i didnt mean it to be griefing i saw it as something harmless and something useful to the players that they could use for fishing. i thought it was harmless but never thought of it as griefing i guess it was griefing and i would be happy to get back on and get rid of it. Thanks for your consideration. -signed AwfulWaffle101 *P.S. when i click on unban request terms it says page not availiable.* Do you accept and understand our unban request terms Yes