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Game Unban Request - AwfulWaffle101 (luckyguy23)

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In-game Name  
Minecraft UUID
Date you were banned 
The member of staff that banned you 
Ban reason 
Griefing and claiming at warp fishing
Link to report
Why do you think you were banned? 
Because i made a structure at /warp fishing it was the word "Hi" and i claimed it. I meant it to be a platform for which players could stand on and fish or just look at. I didnt mean it as griefing. it was a really long time ago and it really didnt occur to me as something bad so i thought it was fine.... my bad xD
Why should your ban be lifted?
Because i didnt mean it to be griefing i saw it as something harmless and something useful to the players that they could use for fishing. i thought it was harmless but never thought of it as griefing i guess it was griefing and i would be happy to get back on and get rid of it. Thanks for your consideration. -signed AwfulWaffle101 *P.S. when i click on unban request terms it says page not availiable.*
Do you accept and understand our unban request terms 
Edited by AwfulWaffle101
i found out my UUID

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