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Game Unban Request - OpalVoid (Remiix_TaZe)

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In-game Name  
Minecraft UUID
Date you were banned 
The member of staff that banned you 
Ban reason 
"Griefing and Stealing"
Link to report
No Report
Why do you think you were banned? 
Why should your ban be lifted?
The "Grief" was on my plot, in the house that I built, in a town that I help run. The town is besides the question though. The point is I have a right to say who lives in the mansion and who doesn't. As for the "Stealing" part of the ban, I never did intend to steal it. Once they asked for the items back I would have returned it to them. I cannot return something to someone who is offline. And i did return the items, I gave them everything I had in my storage in addition. Now I am aware some people such as TFount and Taze will deny this despite how legit it is (Thus Favoritism, and a little bit of stubbornness), I do not believe I should be banned because of staff picking favorites. That's not how staff works. Whether this gets me unbanned idk, but the truth is there and I will stick to it. I would prefer if WhiteCode, or Drood reviewed this as they were not involved and are unbiased
Do you accept and understand our unban request terms 

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As I was the one to ban you I feel I should reply so... Instead of destroying their stuff and breaking all their chests and moving things you felt should be moved to your own storage (which did happen) you could have warned them that it was going to happen and given them a time period to move their items out as they were on with you a hour before. And when I checked the surrounding are with the /co I command there was proof that you did not plan to replace all their items  because I saw that you placed lava around the area which to me shows you had intended to burn items that were on the floor and get rid of them. Also just because it is in your town and/or house does not mean you get a special privilege to go to where they keep their items and destroy their chests and the things they have done while they were staying there. I try not to be biased when it comes to things and I have punished you like I would have any other person with the evidence I was given. If you feel I was biased though I can understand because of what was going on at the time and will let one of the others you feel may not be judge this instead. Good luck to you.

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