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Report a Staff Member

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Last updated: 29/07/17 by Drood


If you have an issues with a staff member in the community you can submit a report and it will be reviewed by an Admin or above. Sometimes we will not be able to disclose certain decision but rest assured it will be reviewed in depth and if we find that a staff member has indeed broken a rule in-game or has done something wrong action will be taken. If you have a problem with an Admin please take this directly to Drood.

If you are going to report a staff member please make sure you have reasonable evidence, as we take these reports very seriously we need to know the entire situation and not just the last 30 seconds of what has happened.

If you are in doubt you can always reach out to said staff member before creating a report, I'm sure they will be able to assist or help resolve the issue. Obviously if it's beyond resolving feel free to submit a report.


All reports submitted in this section are taken into serious consideration before we give a conclusion, so please don't expect us to be able to review the report instantly. Depending on the severity and the final conclusion we may also not reveal the outcome, but as stated above rest assured it will be resolved internally.


The only way that we can be sure that your claims are true is by you providing us the needed evidence to support your case. Evidence is a must and we will have to deny all reports with no sufficient evidence provided. There is also a few rules regarding what's considered valid evidence and not.

These are the requirements for video evidence:

  • Minimal length of 5 minutes (This can be shorter when the evidence is clear enough).
  • Audio has to be working, do not cut out Discord or in-game sound.
  • Quality has to be decent enough to read names in the chat.
  • Is not edited unless specifically requested by a senior/head admin.

These are the requirements for screenshot evidence:

  • High quality screenshot.
  • Is not edited what so ever.
  • Has to add value in regards to the report.


Please stay mature in your report, we do not accept any kind of foul language in your report. We expect you to show respect and don't write anything you shouldn't in the report. Your post simply has to be clear and not offend anyone in any way. If the report is sufficient, the reported player will be dealt with, so no need to go personal.



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