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Moving server host.

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The server started 5 months ago and is already hitting 70 players a night. I was not expecting such rapid growth of the playerbase which means that the hardware was not prepared. In recent times the server has been growing rapidly. As many of you know lag is becoming an increasing issue, this is due to the server we are currently on not being powerful enough to be able to handle 50+ people the server is also not dedicated which means that we share our server resources with other servers on the node.

If the server continues to grow the way it does obviously something will have to be done about the lag and there is only 1 solution. This is to move to a dedicated server. The world size as of 08/10/2017 is 57GB obviously this is too big to download from a server in Canada to my PC in the UK and then upload back to a different server in Canada. The estimated downtime for the server if the world was to be moved to the dedicated server was several days possibly even weeks and also possible chunk corruptions which would lead to more server lag rendering the new host pointless. Obviously at some point the server is going to need more power if we want to keep growing. So therefore the decision has been made to move server and have a dedicated server. This brings some sad news but also happy news. Here is the plan and the news...


PLAYER DATA WILL NOT RESET. On October 14th a new world will be opened. Call this "World B" The new world will give players a week to transfer all their items from the current world into the new world. (Players will beable to tp back and forth between both worlds) Builds WILL NOT be transfer over to the new world no please do not ask or offer a payment. Any data such as McMMO, jobs,  PV's, inventories, ranks, money, bans, warnings, art, auction house, enderchests, marriages, shops (only shops at /warp market), amount of claim blocks, leaderboards and /mob stats WILL NOT BE RESET

  • October 11th - World "B" opens for the first
  • October 13th - Purchase Dedicated Server
  • October 20th - 9AM BST server goes down for maintenence (current estimated downtime unknown, will inform via discord posts)
  • October 20th - Copy player data to Dedicated Server.
  • October 20th - World "A" gets deleted
  • October 20th - World "B" gets downloaded from Current Server
  • October 20th - World "B" gets uploaded to Dedicated Server
  • October 20th - Server reopens.
  • October 22nd - Current Server stops

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience for anyone or causes you to leave our community. I do not take responsiblity for any loss of items it is upto you to tranferre the items you need. At the end of the day this is for the better of the server because the main question is would you rather have to rebuild your house or play with lag?

If you have any questions contact Staff ASAP!

Just to state this means anything you get from spooky crates will stay aslong as you move it to the new world!

- Drood

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