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Server Rules

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Last updated: 09/12/17 - by Drood


Thank you for visiting our rules page. You have successfully completed the first step to becoming a respected member of our community. The server rules are very important to us. They are what separates our server from all others. Therefore, we expect you to take the time to read through the rules and to obtain a working knowledge of them. Each rule applies to every member that is part of our community.

If you catch any players breaking any rules listed below, please try to have a word with them before reporting it on the forums. Sometimes it could be a misunderstanding.

We're all human after all.

No matter who is using the account at the time of the rule breaking it will be punished accordingly. (Because people like to claim it was there brother, cousin, sister, etc.)

Have common sense, if something is questionable then ask a staff member if it is allowed. Ignorance and "joking" is never an acceptable excuse for breaking rules.



1.1: Using any kind of cheat, script, or hack that gives you any advantage over other players is a permanently bannable offence. (Permenant ban)

1.2: Using any kind of exploitation is a permanently bannable offense. (Permenant ban)

Some examples of exploiting are:

  • Duplication of items. (Permenant ban)
  • Duplication of money. (Permenant ban)
  • Abusing any kind of bug within the in-game mechanism for your own advantage. (Permenant ban)
  • Using macros to your advantage. (7+ day ban)
  • Excessive use of redstone (AFK Fish Farms). (Permenant ban)
  • Glitching out of areas/builds. (1+ day ban)

These are examples only and cannot cover every possible exploitation. There are many other ways that one can use the mechanics or glitches to one’s own advantage and once caught the player will be banned.

1.3: If an account you are using is banned, the ban also applies to you as a person. You may not use another account to evade the original ban. Anyone caught ban-evading or helping others to evade bans will be subject to a permanent ban on all accounts used. Contact a staff member if you suspect someone of ban evading. (Permenant ban)



2.1: Using excessive caps in chat is not tolerated.  (+1 Warn)

2.2: Spamming of any kind is not allowed on the server.  (+1 Warn)

2.3: We expect everyone that plays on the server to speak English in a normal fashion in both discord and the chat.  (+1 Warn)

2.4: Toxicity, discrimination, racism or acting in a manner that is deemed inappropriate/offensive at any time is not tolerated. (7+ day ban)

2.5: Someone else breaking a rule does not allow you to do the same, you should act normal, and then resolve it via the forums by making a player report.

2.6: We expect all players that play on the server to have and use common sense. (+1 Warn)

2.7: All players must respect each other both on the server and on Discord. If you are joking around please do it via /message or staff will be forced to take the appropriate action(s).  (+1 Warn)

2.8: Refers to revealing information that is deemed to be private or sensitive and pertains to a user or the server and its services. This includes but is not limited to: Personal information, etc. Applicable to Chat rules. (7+ day ban)

2.9: Do not swear excessively, the odd swear word is ok however constantly swearing will get you punished. (+1 Warn)

2.10: Do not use offensive or inappropriate nicknames or try to impersonate people. (Removal of permission)

2.11: You may not have more than 2 accounts on the server at one time. (1+ day ban)

2.12: Trolling is not acceptable in any form.



3.1: Destroying other players builds without consent is not tolerated at all and result in a serious punishment - Even if the build is not claimed! (7+ day ban)

3.2: Stealing from other players is not allowed, always ask the person you are taking from before taking from them. (7+ day ban)

3.3: We have a strict no scamming policy on the server which we are trying to enforce so any form of scamming. (1+ day ban)



4.1: Never discuss other Minecraft servers, communities, or Discords in public chat. If you are reported for messaging players about other communities or Discords and it appears you are advising someone to go to that community instead of playing on Ferox, staff will take the appropriate actions against you. (Permenant ban)

4.2: Do not attempt to sell any non-Ferox Minecraft items or services in-game. We have an official Discord which we prefer you use for such off-topic conversations. (Permenant ban)

4.3: Do not advertise your website, blog, vlog, YouTube channel, or any other social media without first receiving permission to do so. Permission to do so is granted on a daily basis. You may not advertise your commodity to the server throughout the entire day and all week long based on one grant. (1+ day ban)

4.4: Do not advertise towns/ shops more than once every 5 minutes.



For an overview of all the staff members please visit this link.

5.1: Please respect any member of the staff. We are always trying our best and should be taken seriously. Insulting any members of the staff is a big no-no! Consider any decision made by a staff member to be the final word on a situation. The topic is no longer open for public discussion. Use the forums or Discord to discuss it further. (+1 Warn)

5.2: Do not spam any of the staff members on the forums or Discord. We're extremely busy and we all have our own roles. You can post on the forums and it will be checked and solved.  (+1 Warn)

5.3: Accusing a staff member of abuse without any evidence is disrespectful. If you have any kind of evidence please contact an admin or above or post a Staff Report. (+1 Warn)

5.4: When contacting staff about an issue, be specific and detailed in your reports. Failure to be specific and detailed makes assisting you much harder and could possible lead to you being ignored. Also fill in the appropriate form on the forums aswell as messaging a staff member.



6.1: Sending similar messages for more than 3 times will result in you being punished. (+1 kick)

6.2: Continuously hopping through different channels will lead to a punishment. (+1 kick)

6.3: "Innapropriate behaviour" is defined as being generally rude to anyone on the Discord server. Please be respectful of others. (+1 kick)

6.4: Using inappropriate names within the Discord server will lead to punishment. (+1 kick)

6.5: Impersonating Ferox players, Ferox staff, or acting like you are part of the Ferox staff team will result in you being punished. (+1 kick)

6.6: Discrimination and derogatory comments of a racial, gender, sexual, or ethnic nature will result in you being punished. (Permenant ban)

6.7: Blasting loud sounds (also known as making weird noises through your mic) will result in you being moved to another channel. Do not annoy others with such uncivilized behavior. (+1 kick)

6.8: Do not reveal any personal, private, or sensitive information about other users, the server, or the server's services. This includes, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses. (Permenant ban)

6.9: The Discord is for social activities and having fun together, not for reporting or discussing player reports. (+1 kick)


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