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Forum Rules

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Last updated: 29/07/17 - by Drood

In order to keep the Unban Request threads under control and prevent them from getting out of control we have implemented several new rules regarding posting. We do understand people that want to express their opinion, but on the Unban Request threads this usually doesn't end in a professional manner and quickly spirals leading to arguments and low quality replies.


  • Only people directly involved with the unban request/incident are allowed to reply on the Thread.
  • Try to have evidence supporting your claims, if you want to comment on an unban request then please have evidence to support your claims.
  • 'Bumping' your own unban request by posting in it or asking for staff to look at it will result in warning points.

This means you had to be in-game with the person when the incident happened, if you were merely on Discord you are NOT allowed to post.

*Staff members are excluded from these rules.

Warning & punishment
If a member decides to ignore the rules and continues to post they will given a warning, upon receiving a third warning their forum account will be banned for a week. If a member continues to ignore the rules they will be banned in-game as well.

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