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Game Unban Request - TFountMC (Ex-staff member)

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In-game Name  
Minecraft UUID
Date you were banned 
The member of staff that banned you 
Ex-staff member
Ban reason 
Link to report
Why do you think you were banned? 
I was banned because Scotty was a terrible staff member straight up. I said I wanted to put everything behind and all he wanted to do was bring up the past. I guess there is a reason as to why hes no longer staff.
Why should your ban be lifted?
I took a long break from the server because I felt like I needed to go for a little bit and I found myself missing the server more and more each day. So I try and come back to put everything behind me and start over and of course good ole Scotty boy couldnt accept that. I felt like I want to bring back the good TFount, the one that everyone loved and was straight up to anyone. Plus, I didnt want their to be corrupted staff as there was before.
Do you accept and understand our unban request terms 
Edited by TFountMC

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