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Game Unban Request - IgnitedDawn (Thomoski)

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In-game Name  
Minecraft UUID
Date you were banned 
The member of staff that banned you 
Ban reason 
Multiple Offenses, multiple alts with warnings
Link to report
Why do you think you were banned? 
I have been accused for changing Intelligence's alts name to ThotScott, and all of the evidence points to me because he had just given me the account and I had a dislike for scotty, but I do remember talking about the name with him in a voice call, with him saying he changed it but I have no proof. I just want to know why he was given the chance to talk about it with staff and I wasn't given a chance to defend myself before action was taken. I don't know why Intelligence would've thrown me under the bus for this, when he knows I have always been on his side. Intelligence even sent me money to help me get a rank on the server. Which is another reason why I am confused that he betrayed me. I was grateful for him for letting me use his account to play a game, and I don't need to take the time to change it and I wouldn't. If I had changed it to that name, I would've gone on the server and flaunted that I changed it. I have only been on that account on Ferox for maybe like 5 minutes total.
I only have 4 total warnings on all of my accounts, the rest are IP Bans or kicks, that show up on all of them.
IgnitedDawn - c254ec76-2dcb-4670-991f-81ad48b2b0a7
4ePB9Ik - 8bbb3603-61e5-4a81-adf1-bbab3de0ab46
Jacksong2002 - 9bc7a0bf-da28-47cc-b28b-be18793aa356
PenguiniTheGreat - 15b61dae-d84b-419d-8a40-0458113a0e5d
Quaknar - e369245f-23f5-421e-aded-6b2c9f3ab213
SinnicoleLOL - d60a2af5-5b29-4fcb-92ae-a2307329ed68
zamonblaze - 0eac08f0-f710-4e49-9b25-5fe878714eb6
Its_Wristy - 681795c9-f86f-4da4-9f70-23564f89d927
KraftDinnerBowl - 454d44e6-686c-4fe6-a34d-62f359ba7ced
Why should your ban be lifted?
I believe I had misread the rules, and had thought it said 2 alt accounts on at a time. I use my account to afk, and I usually bring one on to get kits and then log off, but now that I realize I had misread the rules and I now know the correct rule, I won't have more than my main and one alternate account on at a time. It really helps to be able to have an account to afk, for grinders and such so I can continue doing work in other areas.
I would never have betrayed Intelligence, I believed we were friends. I had never said he had changed the account, until now when it is needed to support my own rightful innocence.
I really enjoy playing on this server, it is what I go every day to look forward to coming and doing. I had paid for a rank on this server because I really enjoy it, and wanted to support it and further my route to getting farther in the game. I hope to be unbanned to continue furthering myself in the server.
Do you accept and understand our unban request terms 

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Here are screenshots of the history of IgnitedDawn and Alts. There are more than 4 offenses all together, not including repeated offenses (10 at the very least). 

Intelligence claims to have given you the Alt ThotScott On November 17, and proof here that you must have changed the name from 1mmDingaling to ThotScott:










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Considering the number of punishments you have on so many alternate accounts, I would consider this application Denied. For the sake of unbias, however, ill leave this appeal unlocked for a time.

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There is no proof that I am the one that changed it. Intelligence had never given me the account, he had let me use it. It was not my place to change it, nor was scotty worth enough time to make a name change out of it. Why would I have named the account ScottThot when I had no personal problem with scott, just server problems. Intelligence was the one flirting with a staff member, that scotty is now dating.

Edited by IgnitedDawn

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I was told the reason I was banned was 20+warnings, there have only been 4 warnings total, then there has been one ban on an alt that had the time run out, and then the rest are IP bans that had affected all of the accounts. One from Drood for rude behaviour, and then the one just now. Also if I was told the rules have not changed how come the warnings are different. One says "kicked by Hxtred for 2 alts allowed at one time" and then another that says "only one alt is allowed", going back to my previous request to get my alts unbanned.

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This wasn't the only reason you have been banned, the primary was that your alts have so many punishments across them. If these were all applied to one player account, the player would have been banned long ago. After review by other members of staff, this appeal has been confirmed as Denied.

Edited by Thomoski

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