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Hoppers too fast?

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Hoppers too fast?

After building a huge fully automatic item sorter, that took a bunch of my time and resources, I was informed by another player that the hoppers work "too fast" on the server. I've been struggling to make it work for some time now and I cannot find a way to fix it. Is this an issue that could possibly be corrected or an intentional handicap so the server would not lag?  If so, is there a way to work around this?

Steps to Reproduce
Do you accept and understand that if this bug can be exploited to gain an unfair advantage by other players it should not be sumitted here?

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As for the red stone issue, as long as it doesn't contain huge complex amounts of red stone, then it should be fine. At the minute, the adjusted tick rates solve the issue of the server crashing from systems involving large amounts of hoppers, but I would keep an eye on the rules in case this changes out of necessity to keep the server running

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