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This isn’t a ban appeal or suppose to be a toxic thread or anything. I just want to get this off my chest. When I got banned 12/16/17... it is completely justified no doubt, I was contributing to the conversation and warned to stop. I deserve to be banned. Buuut the staff member who banned me automatically assumed Gavin and I are friends, lmao bro I never even talked to Gavin until that day. And that same staff member also assumed that I was apart of some “inappropriate role-play” and even had proof.. okay dude, really? I didn’t even know a role-play occurred until after I got banned and started reading Gavin’s side of the story!! I was not even online when the role-play occurred. I joined the server after all that stuff happens. I’m too mature to role-play lol. That’s all I wanted to say. Please don’t take any of this offensively somehow I just wanted to get this off my chest.



Happy New Years guys!

Sincerely, your favorite person to ban, JavaJar

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