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Some Ideas I've had

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Alright, I've had some ideas while playing, these are just things I've thought of, I hope to hear some opinions on these ideas :D Also no judge if some are already in Ferox/ have already been suggested.


1: Perhaps the ability to tax people for using a one of the player warps - Example: I set a $100 tax on one of my player warps to something. Not sure if this is achievable but it would be interesting.


2: The ability for players (Of a high enough rank, maybe emperor and above) to make Events, they would use a command to start an event for a price of course, it would create a temporary warp where they are standing. They would pay based on how long the warp will be there. For example the command could be /Event OpalsDP 1 (1 signifying 1 hour) Once the set time is over the warp is automatically deleted. Again, not sure if achievable but would be nice.


3: MoneyCards- Not sure what this would serve but in the vote crates, and others crates when you win money, instead of the money going straight to their bank accounts it would give them a piece of paper saying $3500 or however much it is, when they right click it adds the money to their account. I know it sounds stupid with just that "Why do that if it's just achieving the same thing with more steps" Well Mr. Hxtred, if it's in paper form you can store it in chests. Me myself I have a problem with spending money... Mostly on Thomas the Tank Engine heads. In paper form I could lock it in a vault so it will reduce the tendency. It would also give the ability for people to drop them in their own drop parties. Not sure if possible but hey.

4: Hxtred to be my servant for life. 

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Thanks for the feedback, we're always looking for ways to improve the server.

In regards to your first idea, you can pseudo emulate this by charging people a weekly fee and adding them to a claim with a door or button to pass through, but I'll speak to drood about the possibility of making it an automated system.

I'm not sure about the event system, weather it would be too complicated to do in an automated fashion, but when the events team has been formed, this might be something we can discuss with them, player run events, working alongside the events team to run them at the least.

The money card system sounds fairly doable, the only issue is in the risk of duplication. If this is implemented, we'll need to test and assess how easy, if at all possible it is to duplicate the money cards, as this could potentially break the economy.

The last one sounds good to me tbh.

I'll relay these ideas to Drood and the events team when it is formed, and I'll let you know of any updates.

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Hey Opal,

As Thomoski has said, thanks on the suggestion but I  do not agree with all.


Relating to your first idea, I don't think it'd be wise charging someone to go to your warp. It'll lessen the use of /warps and the amount of players being brought to your warp. It'd be really unhealthy for new players too if they want to warp to a shop or anything. They'd be paying money to spend money.

As Thomoski has said this is too complicated to be able to be properly executed automatically and managed. When the Events Team has been formed, they will most likely think of how players can start an event or what can we add to make an event player-run.

Now for the third one, this is very easy to get. Let me rephrase 'MoneyCard' into 'BankNotes'. There are many plugins on the spigot forums that enables you to withdraw money on a piece of paper then redeem it. This was suggested by me ages ago and still has yet to be added By Drood.


I'll relay my thoughts on these suggestions to Drood and the formed Events Team.  

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Alright, thanks for the feedback, they're not exactly things I "want" in Ferox, but things I thought would be interesting for the players, if that makes any sense. I look forward to seeing if these are implemented in the future.



-Viney (OpalVoid)

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These ideas sound good, I like the idea of the last one I can definetly do this without any risk of duplication for the events one I don't think I do due to when the new website it coming ill be getting them sorted. The first one is also do able but ill think about it.

oh and the 4th one .. no.

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