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Staff Rules

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Last updated: 01/08/17 - by Drood


Thank you for visiting our rules page. You have successfully completed the first step to becoming a respected staff member of our community. The server rules are very important to us. They are what separates our server from all others. Therefore, we expect you to take the time to read through the rules and to obtain a working knowledge of them. Each rule applies to every staff member that is part of our community.

If you catch any staff members breaking any rules listed below, please try to have a word with them before reporting it on the forums. Sometimes it could be a misunderstanding.

We're all human after all.

No matter who is using the account at the time of the rule breaking it will be punished accordingly. (Because people like to claim it was there brother, cousin, sister, etc.)

Breaking any of these rules can result in an instant demotion or kick from the staff team.



1.1: It's important that staff maintain an air of responsibility and maturity. Chat spamming, griefing, random kicks, random mutes, random bans and trolling etc. should not occur. Do not AFK whilst on or sit there and do nothing either leave or just ask to leave the staff team.

1.2: Please, communicate with each other, use the forums. Teamwork is what will keep this server stable.You must actively take part in discussions, especially those in the discord and forums, as important issues about the future of the server are discussed there.

1.3: Please try to spend at least three hours a day on the server, and 30 minutes on the forums, to keep up with the community. (Let Drood know of absence)

1.4: Please be responsible in the forums, do not flame, insult, or belittle users on the forums. Do not delete threads, lock them. Only delete posts if they're inciting flame wars or are completely irrelevant in an important thread, do not delete them permanently.

1.5: If a player is asking for reasonable assistance that you can provide some or all of, do so. Do not wait until someone else gets on, help them out. It's part of being a staff member, and helps everyone out.

1.6: If you see or encounter a problem, screenshot it, and make a thread in the forums about it. Don't wait for someone who can fix it to get on, report it immediately, so that they're not swamped when they log on, and can get to/remember to get to all the issues that crop up.


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